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The Italian Cancer Society (SIC) was established in 1952 and is the longest-lived national association dedicated to oncology operating in Italy.

SIC focuses on experimental, clinical and social oncology, helping to develop different aspects of these fields, such as the promotion of translational research, by stimulating interactions between preclinical and clinical investigators and propelling the transfer of knowledge from bench to the bedside, as well as by establishing relations with similar international associations. SIC organizes its activity through dedicated working groups set up to develop specific lines of research. The Society particularly encourages national cancer research in Italy, by supporting young researchers. To this aim, a Young Investigators group has been created in 2006, to implement the participation of young scientists to the Society.

In 2001, SIC has officially joined the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) and this partnership has yielded clear, immediate benefits for SIC members, the first and foremost of which are the rights and privileges coming from full EACR membership.

The 32 founding members of SIC are listed below:

Prof. R. Bastianelli

Dr. A. Binelli

Dr. A. Bissi

Prof. P. Bucalossi

Prof. E. Bullo

Prof. L. Cappelli

Prof. Q. Carando

Prof. V. Carminati

Dr. M. De Angelis

Prof. G. Di Maio

Prof. P. Dominis

Prof. V. Ferrero

Prof. A. Ficari

Prof. E. Gallico

Dr. V. Giacomelli

Dr. G. Jerace

Dr. G. Lotti

Prof. M. Lupo

Prof. M. Margottini

Prof. P. Mariani

Prof. E. Miserocchi

Prof. A. Moricca

Prof. P. Natale

Prof. G.G. Palmieri

Prof. P. Parocchi

Prof. F. Perussia

Prof. V. Pricolo

Prof. P. Redaelli

Dr. F. Ruggeri

Prof. P. Verga

Prof. E. Via

Dr. E. Zito